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The New York Times on Tinnitus & Tinnitus “Cures”

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 28, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

The New York Times features another blogger and her experience with tinnitus. I think in many ways, she accurately described the experience of many tinnitus sufferers in the following paragraph:
Dr. Cima said in an interview that, like me, most people with tinnitus function fairly well. But for about 3 percent of people with the condition, it is extremely disabling, causing intense distress, fear and anxiety, and leaving them unable to function.
The author also cautions individuals to be skeptical of individuals marketing total “tinnitus cures” (which you’ll find plenty of on the internet):
Until recently, no treatment had been shown to have … Continue Reading

The New York Times on Notched Music Therapy

Written by AudioNotch Team on October 05, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

The New York Times wrote a brief article on Notched Music Therapy when some of the earlier research was published several years ago. Click here to check it out! In fact, there’s a great explanatory paragraph on the mechanism underlying the therapy:
The researchers suggest that two things might be happening in the auditory cortex to bring about the improvement. The neurons in the cortex related to the ringing frequency are presumably not being stimulated, because those frequencies are absent from the music. At the same time, nearby neurons may have been actively suppressing the tinnitus-related neurons, through … Continue Reading