Peter Phua

Co-Founder & Marketing Coordinator

As a young university student, Peter Phua developed tinnitus after going to a nightclub with his friends. Frustrated with the difficulty and expense of accessing effective sound therapy, he decided to found AudioNotch in order to make tinnitus treatment affordable and accessible to all.

Adrian Green, M.A.Sc., B.Sc. Eng.

Co-Founder & CTO

Adrian Green is the engineer and programmer behind AudioNotch. Adrian completed his B.Sc. at Queen's University in Mathematics and Engineering, and his M.A.Sc. at the University of Toronto in Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on Biomedical systems.

Alex Chong, B.A.S.

Branding & Videographer

Alex Chong designed the AudioNotch logo and produced the AudioNotch videos. He has also designed infographics to convey the science behind AudioNotch.