AudioNotch is tinnitus treatment through customized sound therapy

Tinnitus Clinic Partnership Program

AudioNotch works with select audiology clinics across North America to offer sound therapy in conjunction with the guidance of a trained audiologist. A trained audiologist will help patients locate the frequency of their tinnitus, and the degree of hearing loss (if any). Patients can then use this information to create sound therapy using the AudioNotch system.

If you are an audiologist or a hearing clinic interested in offering AudioNotch's services to patients as part of our refferral program, please contact us through our online form our email us at To discover more about AudioNotch, check out our online brochure at .

AudioNotch is a scientifically proven tinnitus treatment that uses custom sound therapy. By listening to AudioNotch's sound therapy, you can lower the volume of your tinnitus. You can create sound therapy with your own music, white noise, or a variety of soothing background sounds that we provide.

Subscription Includes:

    • Personalized therapy portal
    • Unlimited Re-Tuning
      Step 1: Tune
    • Automatic Playlist Creation
    • Unlimited White Noise Therapy
    • Unlimited Therapy Downloads
    • Full Device Compatibility
    • Unlimited Music Therapy
    • Email Support
    • Sound Therapy Streaming

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In addition, our clinic partnership customers receive the highest standard of customer care available.

Premium Subscription.

$249.95 / 24 months.

AudioNotch comes with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our service, we don't deserve your money.