AudioNotch is tinnitus treatment through customized sound therapy

Tinnitus Clinic Partnership Program

Welcome to the AudioNotch Audiology Partnership Program. This program is an opportunity for audiology clinics to offer a new form of tinnitus treatment and generate revenue through the evaluation and treatment of tinnitus. We are currently in the initial launch phase of this program.

  1. What is AudioNotch?
  2. How Does the Partnership Program Work?
  3. What is the current rate of refund requests?
  4. Who do I speak to if I have more questions?
  5. Do you provide software for detecting tinnitus frequencies?
  6. When was AudioNotch launched? Is it incorporated?
  7. Where did the concept for AudioNotch originate? Does the corporation have a patent?
  8. How can I enroll my clinic in the Beta testing program and offer it to my clients?

What is AudioNotch?

AudioNotch is online tinnitus treatment software that is accessed through an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or FireFox. After users have detected their tinnitus tone (either online or inside an audiology clinic) they can create Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy (see scientific references here). They can then listen to this sound therapy directly through their internet browser, or download the sound therapy files onto their computer and transfer them to a portable music playing device such as an MP3 player or a tablet. This sound therapy can substantially lower the volume of a user’s tinnitus, but will not eliminate it entirely. To learn more about AudioNotch, read our detailed FAQ here.

How Does the Partnership Program Work?

In the first step, users undergo a Tinnitus Evaluation inside of an Audiology Clinic. This evaluation consists of a detection of the user’s tinnitus frequency. In some regions, this fee can be billed by the patient’s insurance provider.

All proceeds of the Tinnitus Evaluation go to the Audiology Clinic. The suggested time for this evaluation is under 30 minutes. The suggested fee to clients is currently $75. Your clinic will select how much to charge clients for this evaluation.

After the tinnitus evaluation, patients are handed an AudioNotch Frequency Report which lists the tinnitus frequency detected during the tinnitus evaluation.

During the second step, users then purchase a “Premium Subscription” from the AudioNotch web site available online at This subscription will cost the patient $250.00 for twelve months of access to the AudioNotch software. Later, a substantial referral fee is provided to the referring clinic. Some participating clinics have opted to provide laptops in their clinic so patients can immediately register for the treatment online.

Over the course of many months of listening to Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy, a patient's tinnitus frequency may shift. Therefore, the notch may have to be "re-set" at the new tinnitus frequency. This subsequent tinnitus frequency detection can be done online (it is the initial detection of the tinnitus frequency that is the more challenging task).

AudioNotch Press Release Three Steps

What is the current rate of refund requests?

Approximately 5% of users who purchase an online-only AudioNotch subscription request a refund. Additionally, about 3-4% of Notched White Noise users experience a temporary increase in their tinnitus volume, which appears to be attributable to incorrect detection of tinnitus frequency. This means the Notch in the sound therapy mis-aligns with the tinnitus frequency (fortunately, there is a margin of acceptable error when detecting tinnitus frequency in this case). This temporary increase in tinnitus volume is reversible by cessation of therapy.

Who do I speak to if I have more questions?

Contact Peter Phua, Marketing Director, at

Do you provide software for detecting tinnitus frequencies?

We are developing this software, but at the present moment, we are only working with clinics that already detect tinnitus frequencies using their own pre-established methods.

When was AudioNotch launched? Is it incorporated?

AudioNotch was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, and launched in April of 2012. It is a Canadian corporation. It has received press coverage.

Where did the concept for AudioNotch originate? Does the corporation have a patent?

AudioNotch provides Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy, which comes in two forms:

  1. Notched White Noise, discovered by Italian researchers
  2. Notched Music, discovered by German researchers

Because AudioNotch provides a software-based service, it avoids the risk of patent litigation from hardware manufacturers (the sound therapy is delivered by a patient’s own computer or MP3 playing device). As such, a hardware patent is not necessary. At this time, we are planning to file a software patent in 2014.

How can I enroll my clinic in the Beta testing program and offer it to my clients?

  1. Contact via direct e-mail to request participation in the program. Clinics must already have experience in tinnitus tone frequency detection to participate in the initial launch phase of the program.
  2. A set of AudioNotch Audiology Clinic sales brochures will be mailed directly to your clinic to assist in client sales.
  3. You can begin selling Tinnitus Tone Evaluations to your customers, and provided that they have less than moderate hearing loss (no greater than 55 dB in either ear), they can be given an AudioNotch Frequency Report, which provides:
    • A client’s tinnitus tone frequency
    • Instructions on how to log on to the AudioNotch web site and purchase a software subscription
    After you detect your customer’s tinnitus tone during the tinnitus evaluation, provide them this sheet. They will move on to purchase an online software subscription to the AudioNotch software program. During this purchase, they will indicate which clinic they were referred from.
  4. Every 30 days, a payment will be sent to Canadian clinics via an interac e-mail money transfer and American clinics will receive payments via PayPal to your PayPal account (register here if you do not have one).
    This payment consists of a specific amount per user who has registered from your clinic and exceeded the 30 day refund request window.
  5. E-mail us feedback on how we can work together better. We are constantly updating our software and sales strategy in a never-ending process of iterative improvement.