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America Music for Tinnits 2014

Written by AudioNotch Team on April 24, 2014

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The majority of our customers right now are from the United States, although as we continue to translate our site into other languages, this is changing. Lots of Americans search for music for tinnitus with the tagline “America Music for Tinnits 2014,*” and we’re able to point them towards Notched Music Therapy as an therapeutic option for their tinnitus.

The concept of using music as a therapy for an illness is, I think, inherently satisfying. I think that most of us have the experience of being emotionally distraught for one reason or another, and subsequently listening to a song that soothes this emotional turmoil. The incredible thing about Notched Music Therapy is that it can have a similar therapeutic effect for tinnitus. Interesting facts about this that you may not know:

  • The authors of the original Notched Music research speculated that listening to enjoyable music that activated the pleasure centre of the brain causes the brain to temporarily become “more plastic” in its response to the therapy
  • Also, because the majority of music has sound energy located in the lower frequency spectrum, the therapy only works in people with tinnitus tones less than 8,000 hZ. As such, you need to select other sounds to notch if you want to use Notched Sound Therapy (of which Notched Music is only a small part).

*why is this misspelled as “America Music of Tinnits 2014?” Our search software tells us that people are looking for this term specifically so we want them to find it.