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Drug to Treat Acute Tinnitus Moving Forward in Approval Process

Written by AudioNotch Team on June 06, 2013

Here at AudioNotch, we strongly believe in the promise of science for treating tinnitus. In terms of “curative” therapies – and we use the term “tinnitus cure” very carefully – a good target for pharmacological therapy is the brain shortly after the development of acute changes (before the neurological changes become more permanent).

Promising European research indicates that human experiments are moving forward for such a drug:

The Basel, Switzerland-based firm plans to start recruiting 600 patients with acute peripheral tinnitus into two placebo-controlled Phase III trials, one each on either side of the Atlantic, later this year. “We’re currently in an SPA [special protocol assessment] process with the FDA,” Thomas Meyer, founder and managing director of Auris Medical, toldBioWorld Today. “We expect to have the data in 2015.”

AMI-101 is an N-Methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist intended to dampen the excessive signaling to the brain that occurs with tinnitus. “It’s a problem of aberrant excitation of the auditory nerve,” Meyer said. The drug is delivered locally, via intratympanic injection, a repeatable outpatient procedure routinely performed under local anesthetic by ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, he added.

Keep hope alive. A total cure will come one day – for all of us. In the meantime, AudioNotch is an effective tinnitus treatment program that can significantly lower your tinnitus volume.