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“Tinnitus Cure” vs. “Tinnitus Treatment” – The difference between the two, and why it matters

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 07, 2012

Categories: Tinnitus

If you google the term “tinnitus cure” you’ll run into a long list of treatments and remedies that are “proven” to “cure” tinnitus.

The term “cure” is a loaded term – it is the strongest of all possible claims – it is a promise that a product will eliminate your tinnitus entirely. This claim is made despite the fact that the overwhelming consensus among the leading experts and scientists in the field of tinnitus research is that there exists no effective “cure” at this moment in time. Moreover, the exact pathophysiology of the disease is still being figured out.

Among these “cures,” you’ll find:

  • Homeopathic “natural” treatments whose main ingredient is diluted water and whose mechanism of action is analogous to magic
  • Various e-books which contain the “secret” to “curing tinnitus” using multiple “wholistic” methods (whatever that means)
  • Assorted “natural” products which contain unspecified natural ingredients
The difference between AudioNotch and these products is:
  1. We point out the relevant scientific studies which were completed in support of the efficacy of Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy
  2. We do not claim to cure tinnitus, we claim that there is evidence that AudioNotch can treat it by lowering the volume of your tinnitus. A quiet ringing is better than a loud ringing, and makes a world of difference.
The research behind Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy is still relatively new and more research should be done to further investigate it – hopefully with larger sample sizes and a smaller study participant dropout rate. Nonetheless, we didn’t want to wait for these studies to come out – we wanted to deliver cutting edge, experimental science to the people who need it most. Most importantly, our money back guarantee ensures that if it doesn’t work, tinnitus sufferers will get their money back. We have processed every refund that has been requested of us with no issues whatsoever.
We’re not at a cure yet. But in the meantime, we believe we can help.