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New Notched Music Research Trial Underway

Written by AudioNotch Team on May 08, 2014

Categories: Tinnitus Research

At AudioNotch, we like to emphasize that we’re based on scientific research. The majority of treatments marketed on-line for tinnitus are not actually scientifically supported, so it’s important for us to differentiate ourselves from treatments that have no scientific basis.

That said, “based on science” isn’t the same this as “100% proven.” The studies done on Notched Sound Therapy have been evaluated in promising terms, but they had limitations.┬áThat’s why larger studies are needed. The good news is that one such larger study (a randomized controlled trial) is now underway. It has been initiated by the discoverers of Notched Music Therapy:

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) in parallel group design will be performed in a double-blinded manner. The choice of the intervention we are going to apply is based on two “proof of concept”studies in humans … The RCT includes 100 participants with chronic, tonal tinnitus who listened to tailor-made notched music (TMNM) for two hours a day for three months.