AudioNotch is tinnitus treatment through customized sound therapy


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AudioNotch subscriptions do not auto-renew, and we never charge your credit card without your explicit permission in advance.

Year Subscription.

$99.95 / 12 months

Full Subscription.

$79.95 / 6 months.

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$39.95 / 2 months

In general, research shows that the longer the therapy is used, the more apparent the effects. For this reason we recommend the longest time period.

AudioNotch comes with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with our service, we don't deserve your money.

AudioNotch tinnitus volume reduction Average volume reduction over time (12dB = 75%) from white noise therapy (WWN), compared to placebo (Lugli, 2009)

I have experienced a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus volume

I have been using the AudioNotch tinnitus therapy for three weeks. I prefer the white noise therapy as it allows me to work at the same time with minimal distraction. I have experienced a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus volume. Needless to say, I am more than happy with the results to this point. I sincerely hope others can benefit from the information and specific guidance and tools provided by AudioNotch.

Charles D., User