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A story from an AudioNotch User

Written by AudioNotch Team on December 24, 2013

Categories: Treatment Review

We love to publish stories from AudioNotch users who have had their tinnitus volume reduced with AudioNotch. Here’s one from a senior user of ours who asked that his name be redacted:

A little history.

My tinnitus came on like a loaded freight train.   In one day it came on full strength, no warnings, no gradual increase in noise, nothing.

Remember the door bell alarm at grandma’s house, the double bell with a single clanger in the middle, usually up on the wall in the
hallway half way between the front door and the kitchen?  Well, the intensity is the same as if it were ringing about five feet away from my head, 24 hours a day,  every day.   I went three and a half days without sleep, emotionally and physically totally wrung out.  Doctors gave me
several different medications to try and help me sleep; one told me that this one pill would knock out a horse for 12 hours – I awoke in four.

After several weeks of experimentation, I settled on three nice drinks of Canadian Club followed by a one ml dose of Xanax and that allowed
me about six hours of sleep.  Waking, I sip a cold cup of sleepytime tea and that lets me sleep for another  hour or two.

The biggest, and best, hospital in Oregon is in Portland, OHSU, which has a tinnitus clinic that I attended.  After surviving a battery of
tests, the audiologists told me that – surprise – I had one of the worst cases that they had ever seen – or heard – pun time.  I was told that
they had only seen four other cases as bad as mine.

The tests showed that the tinnitus frequencies were exactly at the point where I had lost some hearing, and suggested that I try sound
therapy hearing aids.   Also suggested that I use an audiologist in my area so I wouldn’t have to do a four hour commute to the hospital.

Found a great doc locally, got me into some Widex hearing aids and it was like a wave of total relief as the sounds pushed the tinnitus
into the background and I was able to function again.

I still have it.  I think it is diminished, thanks to you guys.  My wife urges me to continue as she feels it really has helped my sleeping patterns.

Thank you for your kindness and reply..

B. [name redacted]

A retired 71 year old curmudgeon with a wonderful and caring wife.