Turn down your tinnitus volume.

AudioNotch is software that creates notched sound therapy to treat tinnitus.

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What is Notched Sound Therapy?

Step 1: Tune

For most people, tinnitus is a sound mistakenly created by their brain. This usually happens because the brain attempts to adjust for hearing loss.

Step 2: Create

"Notching" sound lowers the volume at a particular frequency. Notched Sound Therapy is audio that is "notched" at your tinnitus frequency.

Step 3: Listen

Notched sounds help reverse your brain's adjustment error. As a result, Notched Sound Therapy can lower the volume of your tinnitus.

For a full explanation of the science, click here.

How Does AudioNotch Work?

Step 1: Tune

Stap 1: Afstemmen

Use our tuner to match the frequency of your tinnitus tone.
The tuner is free to use on both our website and our app.

Try it out here (no account required)

Step 2: Create

Stap 2: Aanmaken

Create "Notched Sound Therapy" using our preset sounds or your own music.
AudioNotch "notches" this audio for you.

Step 3: Listen

Stap 3: Luisteren

Listen to your "Notched Sound Therapy" daily.
Over weeks to months, your tinnitus volume should decrease.
You can listen to your therapy wherever you want.

Why Choose AudioNotch?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

AudioNotch has an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. Simply e-mail us to request your refund, and it will be granted.

Powered By Scientific Research

Notched Sound Therapy is a new tinnitus treatment pioneered by European researchers. Experiments have found average volume reductions of 75%, 26%, 20% and smaller.

Customized For You

AudioNotch creates Notched Sound Therapy that is customized for your unique tinnitus frequency. If you want to listen to your own music, we can process it into Notched Sound Therapy.

Web App

Access the AudioNotch web app from a computer or phone with internet access. Detect your tinnitus frequency, and create and listen to Notched Sound Therapy.

Mobile App

Download the AudioNotch mobile app for your iOS or Android device. It syncs with our web app, so you can access the same features and notched sounds.

24/7 Email Support

Access to AudioNotch software comes with unlimited email technical support at support@audionotch.com. Note: we do not provide medical advice or evaluations via email.

AudioNotch works both online and offline

Listen to your therapy through an internet connection or download your therapy files and bring them anywhere.

AudioNotch on Mac

Web Application

AudioNotch is a web application that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Using a PC or Mac, you can create your own custom Notched Music Therapy from MP3 format audio files by uploading audio and processing it.

You can also download your therapy as MP3 format files and transfer them to any device, such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player.

AudioNotch on iOS

Mobile App

AudioNotch also features a mobile app, available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It works as your companion on the go, featuring a tuner, notched white noise and natural sound creator, and a listener that syncs with your entire AudioNotch library.

Personalized Portal

AudioNotch stores your sound therapy and tone history, so you can access it anywhere, anytime.

Multiple Devices

Access your sound therapy online and offline with computers, phones, tablets, and MP3 players.


Download your therapy files and bring them anywhere. No DRM, no restrictions. It's your property, forever.


Getting bored of listening to the same therapy songs or audio? Don't worry - make as much as you want.

AudioNotch Video Tour

Web Application

Mobile Application

Wat onze gebruikers zeggen

"Ik ging van 9 naar 2 binnen 4 weken gebruik van AudioNotch"

Ik heb al vele jaren tinnitus, en op een schaal van 1-10, met 10 ondraaglijke pijn, ging ik van 9 naar 2 binnen 4 weken gebruik van AudioNotch. Ik was zo onder de indruk van uw product, dat ik mijn eigen radioshow begonnen ben om andere mensen die aan tinnitus lijden te helpen, en ik werk met veteranen die het hebben. Dank u

Andy N., AudioNotch.com Gebruiker en Radio Host op internet

"Aanzienlijke vermindering van tinnitus"

Ik gebruik al 2 maanden trouw AudioNotch en ik heb een aanzienlijke vermindering van tinnitus in één oor en ik ben hoopvol gestemd voor verlichting in het andere. Na 7 jaar lang lijden met dit belachelijk hoorprobleem ben ik bijzonder dankbaar dat ik AudioNotch gevonden heb.

Anon., AudioNotch.com gebruiker

"Ik heb een merkbare vermindering in mijn tinnitus volume ervaren"

Ik gebruik de AudioNotch tinnitus therapie nu drie weken. Ik heb een voorkeur voor de witte ruis therapie, omdat ik hiermee tegelijkertijd kan werken met minimale afleiding. Ik heb een merkbare vermindering van mijn tinnitus volume ervaren. Onnodig te zeggen dat ik tot nu toe meer dan tevreden met de resultaten ben. Ik hoop van harte dat anderen baat hebben bij de informatie en de specifieke begeleiding en hulpmiddelen die door AudioNotch verstrekt worden.

Charles D., AudioNotch.com gebruiker

"I recommend the program to anyone who has tinnitus."

I've had tinnitus for most of my adult life - now 69. I've been using your program (off and on, depending on circumstances) for 5 years. We recently moved to NYC from Florida and I didn't have the time or patience to listen to the therapy. Just lately, things have opened up, and I am once again listening, and truly feeling relieved by the time spent with your 'sounds'. I recommend the program to anyone who has tinnitus. Thank you so much. And, please, just keep at it!

Susan Slocum, American AudioNotch.com User

"Thanks to your sound therapy, my bad tinnitus have almost stopped."

Thank you for offering us tinnitus sound therapy. [sic] I have been sufffering from severe tinnitus about three years. Fourtunately I came across your site yesterday and I found that my tinnitus came from my damaged hearing. I cannot hear those sound well around 10000hz. [sic] That must be the reason why my ears are ringing. My brain will be sending signals to my loss hearing. [sic] Thanks to your sound therapy, my bad tinnitus have almost stopped. [sic] It is miracle, amazing. I hope I can sleep better than before. [sic]

Keiichi, Japanese AudioNotch.com User

"In the last 2 weeks I'm experiencing 2-3-4 days in a row literally T free..."

Hi all, just want you to know that I have been treating (listening) to your notched white noise now for about 13 months, its only been in the last month that I am having more than 1 T free day a week, in the last 2 weeks I'm experiencing 2-3-4 days in a row literally T free...

I will continue to listen and treat the T with your product. Seriously Audio Notch team I don't know where Id be right now without your product... Thank you so much for your product and your blog. I post onto the tinnitus talk website as Tintin31 if anyone wants to follow how my Audio Notch treatment has been tracking. I have recommended your product in my posts.

Anthony, Australian AudioNotch.com User

"Zeer veel dank, AudioNotch"

Na een maand heeft er een verandering plaatsgevonden in het patroon van mijn tinnitus. Dit heeft mij zeer optimistisch gesteld, nadat ik eerst erg depressief ben geweest door deze aandoening. Ik voel de pro-actieve aanpak en ben hierdoor echt geholpen. Heel veel dank, AudioNotch!

Wandering W., AudioNotch.com gebruiker

"AudioNotch helped me with my tinnitus."

Audio Notch helped me with my tinnitus, It has a lot a variety in treating the ringing and with long term use I believe it is very beneficial at a reasonable price.

Kelly Lungull, AudioNotch.com gebruiker

Currently, there isn't enough evidence to support the routine use of any particular sound therapy for tinnitus. Because Notched Sound Therapy is an active area of research, we don't guarantee a specific volume reduction.

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