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Testimonial from a user in Japan

Keiichi, an AudioNotch user from Japan, sent us the following message:
Thank you for offering us tinnitus sound therapy.I have been sufffering from severe tinnitus about three years.Fourtunately I came across your site yesterday and I found that my tinnitus came from my damaged hearing.I cannot hear those sound well around 10000hz.That must be the reason why my ears are ringing.My brain will be sending signals to my loss hearing.Thanks to your sound therapy,my bad tinnitus have almost stopped.It is miracle,amazing.I hope I can sleep better than before.

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Sounds For Tinnitus

It is believed that millions of people throughout the world have a condition called tinnitus. Someone who has tinnitus experiences a ringing or buzzing in the ears throughout the day as well as the night. There are times when the ringing may be very loud and other times when it’s drowned out by sounds that the person encounters on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are some ways to deal with tinnitus. For example, there are sounds for tinnitus that can lower the noise level of the persistent ringing in the ears. Look at some specific sounds or tinnitus maskersContinue Reading

Tinnitus Composer

Have you ever been to an extremely loud live musical performance? How about a shooting range without ear protection, or to a small dance club with a blaring sound system in dire need of equalization?

If you are familiar with the experiences above, you know about that ringing feeling in your ears that seems to take a long time to dissipate. Imagine having to endure that sensation all your life, with the ringing only pausing when you are dutifully asleep or when other sounds cancel it. Such is the life of people who suffer from tinnitus, a condition that is often … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Habituation For Dummies

Tinnitus is an extremely irritating condition that varies widely in its symptoms. Some people hear loud noises that range from high pitched ringing to lower level humming tones. The most disturbing version of tinnitus is constant and so loud that sufferers sometimes have trouble with their hearing. Other people only notice any noise while trying to fall asleep in the absence of any other environmental sounds.

Doctors pretty much agree that there is no cure for tinnitus, so they prescribe various ways to minimize its effects. Many people find some relief by always having some sort of background noise going. They … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Habituation

Tinnitus is a problem where a person hears constant ringing, buzzing, humming or whistling in their ears that has nothing to do with outside noises. It can be incredibly distressing to those who suffer from it. While the condition isn’t life threatening, it is life altering. Sufferers can end up with depression, stress and constant agitation. Over 50 million people are afflicted with some form of tinnitus.

Becoming Habituated to Tinnitus

When you move into a new home close to a highway, you might be overwhelmed with the traffic sounds. After a few months though, you fail to notice the noise anymore. … Continue Reading

Celebrities with Menieres Disease

Many people may not be aware of what Menieres disease entails, much less just how many celebrities with Menieres disease there are.

Usually beginning somewhere between early adulthood and middle age, this inner ear disease usually includes bouts of vertigo, uncomfortable amounts of ear pressure, ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, and ultimately it can include a total loss of hearing.

While the disease is often unilateral, or affecting one specific ear, it can be bilateral as well, posing a problem for both ears.

There is no real cure, but the disease’s symptoms can be maintained with proper treatment. Some surgeries are available … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Disappears Completely

As sufferers know, there are no cures for tinnitus. This is an ailment that sufferers have simply learned to manage. You can find stories of people who have been victim to a noise in their ears that never goes away, a sound so disruptive it prevents sleeping, interferes with socializing and can actually lead to headaches and distraction. You can find sufferers whose afflictions are fairly mild, intermittent and annoying.

Search the Internet, you can also find many stories where tinnitus disappears completely. Here are a few:

“The Buzzing in my right here has gone. Completely. I’ts now Saturday evening and still … Continue Reading