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What if I have multiple tinnitus tones?   

If you have multiple tinnitus tones, you can match them as needed. However, our therapy was only designed to treat one tinnitus tone at a time. Thus, we cannot claim that multiple tones are treatable based on the evidence we have. If you want, it’s possible to make a track with multiple notches. Let’s say you have two tinnitus tones t1 and t2 at two different frequencies, f1 and f2. To create a Notched Sound Therapy file with multiple notches:

  1. Notch White Noise at the first frequency, f1.
  2. Download the MP3 format file of “White Noise – Notched … Continue Reading

Tinnitus – Loud Silence – A documentary

This is a pretty interesting documentary we thought our readers would enjoy:

The Definitive Guide To Detecting Your Tinnitus Frequency

Detecting your tinnitus frequency isn’t easy. Data shows that about fifty percent of users will be able to consistently and reliably identify a tinnitus frequency that matches their own. This process is called “pitch-masking,” “frequency-matching,” or “tinnitus tuning” (all of these terms are interchangeable). The process consists of matching a computer-generated artificial tinnitus tone with the tinnitus tone that you can hear inside of your head. Our tinnitus tuner is free of charge, and can be accessed at this link. It’s also a necessary component of our therapeutic program (since we “notch” the audio at your tinnitus frequency, … Continue Reading

Updated AudioNotch Guided Tour

We’ve made an updated guided tour of how our software works, since we’ve made multiple new updates since our last one:

AudioNotch Step 3 Walkthrough from AudioNotch on Vimeo.

What Features Come with an AudioNotch Subscription?

Check out this video that explains the features that come with an AudioNotch subscription:

AudioNotch Subscription Features Overview from AudioNotch on Vimeo.

AudioNotch Step 3 Walkthrough – how to listen to your Notched Sound Therapy

There are two ways you can listen to your Notched Sound Therapy:

  1. You can listen directly through the browser by using our built-in player (this works on any device that has internet, like an iPhone, a tablet, or a PC).
  2. You can download the MP3 format Notched Sound Therapy files on your PC, and then manually transfer them to an MP3 capable playing device (such as an MP3 player, or an iOS device like an iPhone).

Check out the video below on how to listen:


AudioNotch Step 3 Walkthrough from AudioNotch on Vimeo.

AudioNotch Step 2 Walkthrough – How to Create Notched Sound Therapy

The following video explains in detail how to create Notched White Noise, Notched Natural Sounds, and Notched Music with our software:

AudioNotch Step 2 Walkthrough from AudioNotch on Vimeo.

How to use the AudioNotch Tinnitus Tuner: A Video Guide on Matching Your Tinnitus Frequency

Check out the video below, that explains how to do it – this is especially useful for those of you who have had difficulty matching your tinnitus frequency.

AudioNotch Step 1 Walkthrough from AudioNotch on Vimeo.

Neve Campbell Tinnitus

There’s quite a few posts on-line claiming that actress Neve Campbell suffers from tinnitus, but I haven’t been able to find anything solid. Sufficed to say there’s quite a few articles on the subject, none substantial.

What explains the preoccupation with celebrities having the same illnesses we do?

I think it’s a psychological phenomenon. When we experience suffering, we don’t want to be alone. We want to know that others have run through the same hurdles we have. And knowing this humanizes our pain, in that it draws it out from our shoulders alone and spreads it over the shoulders of many.

If … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Sound Therapy Download

From our FAQ, an explanation of an evidence backed form of tinnitus sound therapy:

What is Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy?

Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy is a tinnitus treatment that lowers the volume of your tinnitus, and in doing so, reduces the pain and distress caused by the disease. There is no miracle tinnitus cure, however Tailor-Made notched sound therapy is a tinnitus treatment that can offer relief. It takes two forms: Tailor-Made Notched Music, or Tailor-Made Notched White Noise.

It is created by taking either music or “white noise”, and removing sound energy—”notching it out”—at the same … Continue Reading