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Free Acoustic Coordinated Modulation Reset Therapy

I’m not sure I’m sold on the actual efficacy of this, but here’s a description:
One recent development in this area is a therapy called Acoustic Coordinated RESET (CR) Neuromodulation, from the German company ANM. This therapy specifically targets a mechanism of tinnitus which is thought to involve abnormal levels of synchronous activity in the hearing brain, where large populations of nerve cells repeatedly and spontaneously fire at the same time. The therapy is currently being marketed by the private healthcare sector in Germany and was recently made available in the UK by The Tinnitus Clinic, London.

The CR Neuromodulator … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Promising Treatment

Tinnitus is the medical name of the mysterious noise millions of people have suffered from for years. Some of the different sounds people hear from clicking to ringing can be contributed to other medical conditions. The diagnosis tinnitus is used when there are no other logical reasons for the noise.

Medical conditions that may cause tinnitus can include spine, neck, head and facial injuries. Other contributing factors may be working or living in a noisy environment, habitual tooth and jaw clenching, and heart problems. Older people who spent years listening to loud music, attended concerts, or served in a military combat … Continue Reading

Audio Notch Filter

What is the AudioNotch filter? Check out the infographic below for an explanation!

An overview of how to "Notch Out" audio from unprocessed audio

An overview of how to “Notch Out” audio from unprocessed audio

What are the most common tinnitus frequencies?

I’ve been reading the literature on tinnitus for several years, and I have yet to come across a paper that provided data on what the distribution of tinnitus frequencies was among people who have tinnitus. Obviously there’s not a lot of money available to ask a question like this (since there’s no drug or treatment available). So I spoke to our CTO, Adrian Green, and we decided to mine the AudioNotch tinnitus treatment database to see if we could get an estimate of this data.

When people sign up for AudioNotch, their sound therapy is customized for their unique tinnitus frequency. … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Developments

Tinnitus is a hearing condition that is often referred to as a “ringing in the ears.” Though the condition is thought to affect about 15% of the general population, only a very small percentage of people suffer from serious tinnitus. For those unlucky people who experience ongoing tinnitus symptoms, however, the condition can be very debilitating and lead to depression, irritability, frustration and fatigue.

Obviously, living with an ongoing static sound reverberating inside one’s head is difficult at best, so it’s important for tinnitus sufferers to seek help for their condition. What help is available for tinnitus sufferers? Let’s have a … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Developments

The Newest Tinnitus Developments from Researchers

Many individuals live with chronic tinnitus that causes the perception of strange noises inside the ears. Because very little is known about ringing in the ears, researchers are constantly trying to determine the cause along with effective treatments or cures. Remaining knowledgeable about tinnitus developments can lead to finding a remedy for the chronic ringing, pounding or clanging sounds that many people experience on a daily basis. Researchers know that the condition is often caused by:

  • Frequent ear infections that typically occur to children
  • Exposure to loud noises such as music or equipment
  • Major injuries such as a … Continue Reading

Can tinnitus suddenly go away?

If there is a ringing noise in your ear, do not ignore it. This noise could lead to the common medical condition known as Tinnitus. This problem has the ability to affect anyone, even though it is more commonly diagnosed in elderly individuals. Tinnitus could lead to hearing loss, which is why you should seek treatment immediately once you have been diagnosed with the condition.

<strong>Can Tinnitus Suddenly Go Away?</strong><strong></strong>
People often ask can tinnitus suddenly go away. It is a myth that tinnitus will suddenly go away; the truth is, this medical condition can improve over time, but it does not … Continue Reading

Music To Block Out Tinnitus

More than 36 million people in the United States suffer from tinnitus that is characterized by hearing sounds within one or both ears. The sound might occur occasionally, intermittently or continually. The noise heard ranges in tensity from one individual to the next. The tone heard also differs from buzzing, hissing or whooshing to ringing or whistling. The sound may represent a general annoyance or can become maddening.

Therapeutic Breakthrough

Some try drowning out the noise by using music to block out tinnitus. In some instances, music or even certain everyday common sounds mask the offending ear noise, which makes the condition … Continue Reading

Free sound therapies

There are free sound therapies that are available to treat your tinnitus.

Tinnitus curable?

Is tinnitus curable?

While there are many purported treatments for tinnitus, a treatment is NOT the same thing as a cure. The current literature shows that no specific treatment is effective enough to be classified as a cure – and frankly, any time you see a tinnitus treatment marketing itself in such a manner, you need to watch out – it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with a scam of some sort.

The term “cure” is a hyperbolic term to describe anything available right now. Notched Sound Therapy, at best, will significantly lower the volume of your tinnitus tone, but it will NOT make it … Continue Reading