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Multi Tonal Tinnitus

Many people experience the periodic sensation of ringing in the ears as well as other transient noises that usually only last a few minutes. The pitch of these sounds can range from high to low tones. Tinnitus is the primary reason for phantom ringing, roaring, hissing or buzzing sounds that do not get better or go away. The condition is defined as audible noises not caused by outside stimulus. Symptoms can appear suddenly or gradually over time. You may experience single or multi tonal tinnitus in one or both ears. The noises may be low and intermittent or loud and … Continue Reading

Tinnitus From Loud Explosion

One of the most common causes of tinnitus is exposure to loud sounds. In many cases, the sounds are heard on a recurring basis. For example, musicians often develop tinnitus due to their exposure to loud music, and construction workers, pilots and others may also hear loud sounds regularly while on the job. However, even a single loud sound can be enough to cause tinnitus in some people. For example, you can develop tinnitus from loud explosion sounds. These include bombs exploding and gunshots as well as various other loud sounds in your environment. Because of this, soldiers may also … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Research 2015

Tinnitus research 2015 has brought some exciting news to people who suffer from this common and sometimes debilitating condition. While research into tinnitus causes and treatments has been going on for decades, only in the last few years have real breakthroughs been seen, and 2015 has been a banner year for new treatments for this troublesome disorder.

Tinnitus Symptoms and Causes

Tinnitus has one main symptom; a relentless ringing, hissing or whooshing sound heard in the ears or head of the sufferer. For many, the condition begins after exposure to loud sound or a traumatizing event. For others, the … Continue Reading

Psychiatrist Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical condition that is usually describing as a “ringing” sensation in the ears. Many patients report that the experience can range from a mild sort of buzzing to a constant static or ringing sound. The aspect that makes the condition so difficult is the fact that there is no sure medical cure for it, and once a person suffers from tinnitus, it can be a constant presence that never shuts off. The constant sound and the inability to really sit and experience silence can be seriously debilitating, stressful and very depressing.
There are many causes for tinnitus, but … Continue Reading

Excitoxtocity Tinnitus

Excitoxtocity tinnitus is the constant phantom noise that appears in one’s ears when no eternal source is producing any sound. This sound is sometimes described as hissing or roaring, though it is also occasionally mentioned as unclear voices or distant music. It is most often said to be a ringing. Tinnitus can be low or high pitched, soft or extremely loud, and is different in each case. In most it causes an inability to focus but occasionally can exacerbate or cause depression and anxiety. Recent research has discovered a link between the nerve cells of the brain and several neurotransmitters … Continue Reading

What Is Neuromonics?

Tinnitus, the constant ringing sound that some people suffer from, is both distracting and detrimental to everyday life. There are many questions that those who suffer from Tinnitus may have, the most pressing of which concerns treatment options. There are numerous treatments available for the condition, some of which are based around medication regiments and some that are based around acoustic desensitization. One of the most common audio-based treatments available is known as Neuromonics, though many may be wondering: what is Neuromonics?

What is Neuromonics?

Neuromonics consists of a system of acoustic sounds that are designed to retrain the misfiring neutrotransmitters and … Continue Reading

Tactt2 Study

For people who suffer from tinnitus, life can be very difficult. Constant ringing in their ears can make it virtually impossible to enjoy life on either a personal or professional basis, resulting in perhaps years of frustration. However, as medical science continues to learn more about this condition, more and more research studies are being conducted. One of the most anticipated studies is known as the TACTT2 study, which involves testing the safety and effectiveness of AM-101. An investigational study drug that is injected into the middle ear, AM-101 is a drug that doctors hope one day will relieve people … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Relief From Japan 2014

Tinnitus, which is the medical terminology for ringing in the ears, is actually a symptom of a medical condition rather than being a condition in and of itself. While medical research has found that tinnitus is not an indicator of a serious or life-threatening condition, the constant ringing can be extremely bothersome and can affect quality of life if left untreated. Since 1 in 5 people in the general population have reported suffering from tinnitus and 80 to 90 percent of these individuals show some evidence of hearing loss, more focus has been placed on treating the symptom.

While treating the … Continue Reading

Tinnitus sound remedies

There are multiple sound therapies available for tinnitus today. I want to draw a distinction, however, between the various kinds, and why I think AudioNotch is a better option. Consider what I wrote in this article here:
The tinnitus sound therapy space is a particularly confusing one. You have multiple commercial providers hawking their particular brand of sound therapy, many of them promising significant benefits with studies that show large effect sizes.

Here’s a short list of some of the proprietors available in this space:

Famous People With Tinnitus

Those with tinnitus know the symptoms all too well. A constant ringing, buzzing or clicking heard in the ears can make it difficult to concentrate and carry on with conversations. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Disorders, tinnitus is surprisingly common, with approximately 10% of adults in the United States currently coping with the disorder. Among these adults are famous people with tinnitus that put a very public face on what often feels like a solitary condition.

Neil Young
This famous musician started his rock and roll career back in the 1960s, and he has earned the distinction of … Continue Reading