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Pilots With Tinnitus

The noise and constant vibrations that are associated with air travel can take its toll on those who fly for a living. Pilots with tinnitus are very common. Pilots are one of the most notorious sufferers of ringing in the ears, a condition that is medically referred to as tinnitus. This condition is at best annoying. At worst, it can take a toll on the emotional well being of sufferers and interfere with their job abilities. Some pilots report difficulty hearing important radio control tower instructions due to the interference of the ringing in their own heads.

Prevalence of Tinnnitus
The percentage … Continue Reading

Trent Reznor Tinnitus

Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails fame, suffers from tinnitus. The popular musician/songwriter has written about the affliction in a number of lyrics including “Something I Can Never Have” and “The Becoming.” Reznor is not alone. Dozens of famous people from the past and present had or have the condition. An estimated 24 million people in the United States of all ages report having experience with the problem.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Like Trent Reznor tinnitus sufferers may experience ringing in the ears. However, the array of annoying sounds heard vary and might also include buzzing, clicking, hissing or roaring. Individuals complain of the … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Cure 2014

There are several factors that can cause ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. In some cases, tinnitus will go away on its own after a very short period of time, but others will suffer from this condition for a lengthy period of time. It can range from being irritating or bothersome to rather debilitating in terms of severity. Tinnitus can be caused by age, circulatory health problems and other factors, and many of these will create increasingly pronounced and more bothersome symptoms over time. If you have a ringing sound in your years from time to time, you may be … Continue Reading

Anthony Kiedis Tinnitus

Long-Term Exposure to Loud Sounds

Fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers know this is a heavy-duty rock band that plays loud music at numerous venues each year. In existence since 1983, one of it first members was Anthony Kiedis who was born in 1962. After singing onstage with this band for over 30 years, Kiedis has openly admitted his medical condition that is a result of long-term exposure to loud noise. Anthony Kiedis tinnitus was revealed several years ago in his autobiography “Scar Tissue” published in 2004. He wrote openly in this book about his experiences using illegal drugs with … Continue Reading

Will AudioNotch work on my iphone?

Yes! AudioNotch will work on an iPhone or any iOS device!

You have two options:

1. You can access through the browser on your iphone, go to step 3, and click the “play” button. The audio will be streamed through your internet connection on your phone.

2. You can manually download the MP3 files onto your PC and then manually import them into itunes, and then when you sync your iphone with your PC you can manually ensure that the sound therapy files are synced to your iphone

Is there evidence that caffeine can reduce tinnitus volume?

Here is an idea that I’ve always found intuitively ridiculous: the concept that dietary changes can modify your tinnitus tone volume.

Now – most of you are probably aware of “EBooks” that purport to “cure” your tinnitus in an “all-natural” way, usually involved some combination of dietary modifications and new-age voodoo.

Although there’s no evidence that any dietary changes alone could cure tinnitus, there is now evidence that there is an association between certain dietary habits and a reduction in the volume of persistent (i.e. constant) tinnitus.

Researchers found the following:
Persistent tinnitus was reduced with:

(i) fish consumption (non-oily, OR = 0.91; oily, 0.95), … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Volume Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is considered a good resource for patients who want to acquire a basic understanding of their illness and also to seek clinical diagnosis and treatment for whatever symptoms they’re experiencing. Lots of people seeking to reduce the volume of their tinnitus will likely look for resources like the mayo clinic web site.

The Mayo Clinic patient education web site is, unfortunately, an example of how little the regular medical establishment has to offer people who are suffering from tinnitus. Check out some of the generic advice they have to give people:

To treat your … Continue Reading

Why Hope?

Why hope?

It’s a simple question.

Despite the best efforts of medical science, and despite the existence of treatments that can lessen your suffering, there still exists no cure for tinnitus.

I regularly get e-mails from people who have slipped into despair. They tell me that they can’t sleep because of the noise. They tell me they can’t relax for even a couple minutes because of the fire alarm going off inside their head. They tell me that they’re depressed, cornered, trapped by their illness. They tell me they can’t work, or concentrate.

Most of all, they tell me they have no hope.

They think … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Pillow

Some of our users have e-mailed us regarding the possibility of listening to Notched Sound Therapy in their sleep. Would this work? What would be the efficacy of this?

Although we don’t have any clinical evidence that Notched Sound Therapy would work overnight, it’s not necessarily an unreasonable thing to try. Further, many people with tinnitus already listen to regular White Noise in order to go to sleep – thus, listening to Notched White Noise during their sleep (or another form of Notched Sound therapy, like Notched Natural Sounds) could be effective in reducing their insomnia and in reducing their tinnitus volume … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Forum rTMS

For people suffering from tinnitus, they often want to learn about the experience of others with a particular treatment. One good source for this information is forums. Consider the following forum links to discussions on rTMS:

Unfortunately, the scientific evidence for rTMS as a treatment for tinnitus is not good. Here’s a link to a review of some of the posts we’ve made on the subject.