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Tinnitus Went After 4 Years

For those who suffer from tinnitus, life can be very frustrating.  A constant ringing, humming, or buzzing in the ears can disrupt life in numerous ways.  However, while tinnitus can be a condition that comes and goes in some people, for others it is continuous and feels as if it will never leave.  Because tinnitus can be caused by a variety of issues such as exposure to loud music or noises, high blood pressure, excessive buildup of earwax, or ear infections, there are instances where tinnitus goes away for no apparent reason.  In fact, there have been some cases where … Continue Reading

Unilateral Tinnitus Without Hearing Loss

Different disorders are associated with tinnitus. However, it is not unique to have unilateral tinnitus without hearing loss. Nevertheless, the symptoms should be evaluated to rule out possible nerve problems.

Tinnitus Explained

Tinnitus come from the Latin tinnire, which means “a ringing” or “to ring.” The condition causes an unpleasant sound localized in the ear. The severity of unilateral tinnitus without hearing loss varies and may be perceived as a buzzing, clicking, hissing, ringing or roaring sound. While to some the noise represents a minor annoyance, the disruption may cause depression and anxiety in others. Approximately 10 percent of people in the … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Studies suggest that approximately 20 percent of people in the United States have experienced or live with chronic tinnitus. The affliction also plagues up to half of returning combat soldiers. While not a cure, tinnitus retraining therapy was designed to help people overcome the anxiety caused by the condition.

Tinnitus Explained

Tinnitus involves the perception of an unusual noise or ringing in one or both ears. The condition may occur as a result of hearing loss due to aging, a circulatory system disorder or an ear injury. Sometimes, a medication may produce the symptom as a side effect. Discontinuing the medication may … Continue Reading

Tinnitus 2017

Groups of researchers from the University of Buffalo, Southeast University in China and the Dalhousie University in Canada experienced amazing breakthroughs into the mysterious realm of tinnitus. The tinnitus 2017 findings may eventually lead to a cure. The strange affliction causes patients to hear anything from buzzing, hissing or ringing in one or both ears. Although some suffer from the condition due to known physiological problems, others develop tinnitus for no discernible reason.

The Mystery Unfolds

Till the 1990s, the condition was thought to be a problem in the ear. However, when a number of patients lost hearing in one ear yet … Continue Reading

Itunes Tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a condition in which you hear phantom sounds that other people do not hear. The sounds are a result of age-related hearing loss, an injury to your ear or circulatory system disorders. This perception of sound in the ears is a common frustration and affects up to one in every five adults in the United States. Treatments such as iTunes tinnitus melodies aim to mask the ringing in your ears so that the tinnitus does not annoy you or cause negative impacts on your life.

How Our Itunes Tinnitus Sounds Work
Each person … Continue Reading

Schumann Frequenzgenerator

The Schumann resonator, which is also called the Schumann Frequenzgenerator, is a machine that generates a magnetic pulse at the same frequency of the Earth’s. The Earth’s magnetic pulse frequency was discovered in 1953 by Professor Schumann of the University of Munich. He was able to apply that frequency to solve problems that were experienced by some of the earliest astronauts. Today, the Shumann resonator is used by people on solid land who are experiencing troubling symptoms that impact their quality of life.

History of the Schumann Frequenzgenerator
In 1954, Schumann’s successor, a Dr. Herbert Konig, confirmed that the Earth’s magnetic frequency … Continue Reading

Tinnitus Terminator Sale Price

You no longer have to suffer from the constant irritation of tinnitus. Take advantage of the current Tinnitus Terminator sale price and make the first step toward hearing normally.

Tinnitus Terminator is a program for anyone dealing with the frustration of tinnitus. After you pay the Tinnitus Terminator sale price, you are on your way to not having your focus disrupted by unwanted noise in the ears.

Tinnitus Terminator is a program that retrains your ears. This is an all-natural process that does not require medications or drugs. It has been used by over 40 thousand tinnitus sufferers with reports of anywhere … Continue Reading

Ringing Ear Frequency

Tinnitus, the uncomfortable hearing condition that causes a constant droning, buzzing or ringing in heads of sufferers, received its own week of awareness in the United States and in the United Kingdom from February 6 to February 12.

In an article published by The Guardian during Tinnitus Awareness Week, a research effort at the University of Leicester was reported to be falling short of expectations despite its innovative approach to treatment. The strategy in question involves flashing lights of different colors over a series of therapeutic sessions. The idea is to occupy certain neurological functions so that patients do not engage … Continue Reading

Another AudioNotch Testimonial

Here’s a wonderful message from one of our users:
Mr. Phua,

I’ve had tinnitus for most of my adult life – now 69.  I’ve been using your
program (off and on, depending on circumstances) for 5 years.  We recently
moved to NYC from Florida and I didn’t have the time or patience to listen to the
Just lately, things have opened up, and I am once again listening, and truly
feeling relieved by the time spent with your ‘sounds’.  I recommend the program to anyone who
has tinnitus.
Thank you so much.  And, please, just keep at it!
Susan Slocum
Brooklyn, NY

Braunes Rauschen Download

What Is Brown Noise?

Brown noise is a type of noise that is used to soothe people. It can also be used to treat tinnitus. Brown noise is sometimes referred to as Braunes Rauschen. Brown noise sounds a lot like white noise. However, the sounds are deeper than white noise. Brown noise sounds a lot like a waterfall or thunderstorm. Many people use a Braunes Rauschen download before they go to sleep.

The term “Brown Noise” was coined by a botanist named Robert Brown. He discovered the brown motion. Robert discovered that a graphic representation of the noise shows a brown pattern.

Benefits … Continue Reading