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Notched Out

Tailor Made Notched Sound Therapy is created by “Notching Out” sound energy at and around a user’s tinnitus frequency. Here’s an infographic below which explains how it works:

An overview of how to "Notch Out" audio from unprocessed audio

An overview of how to “Notch Out” audio from unprocessed audio


We understsand, however, that users want an unbiased view of how this therapy actually works and what the efficacy is.

Check out this Tinnitus Talk forum thread where Notched Sound Therapy is discussed. We’ve posted on the thread but it’s … Continue Reading

Is noise induced tinnitus reversible?

This question can be rephrased as follows:

  • Does noise induced tinnitus spontaneously remit on its own?

The answer is that it depends on the acuity. It’s more likely to remit the more recently you’ve acquired it.

I’ve written a detailed post on this very subject that is accessible here.

Tinnitus Blog

Now, we here at AudioNotch don’t necessarily like to toot our own horn too much, but we’ve taken a look at some of the other blogs on the internet, and we feel pretty confident in stating that the AudioNotch Blog is one of the best ones out there. Things we cover here:

Tinnitus Talk

Tinnitus Talk is by far the best tinnitus forum on the internet. They’re commercially independent, so they don’t money from certain companies to promote a product (ours included).

If you want to check them out, click here.

To read posts about AudioNotch on the Tinnitus Talk forum, click here.

Forum Tinnitus

What’s the best tinnitus forum on the internet? That’s easy: Tinnitus Talk. Tinnitus Talk is a commercially independent tinnitus forum so you don’t need to worry about conflict of interest. I’m aware of all the forums on-line and it’s by far the best one. Click here to check out the forum. They have a great section on tinnitus research and the members are generally quite well informed (some are very well informed).

Does Usually Tinnitus Go Away?

Does usually Tinnitus Go Away? Click here to find out!

Does Tinnitus Go Away?

This is definitely a question that’s at the forefront of someone’s mind if they’ve just recently acquired the symptom of tinnitus.

First things first – if you develop tinnitus: seek the evaluation of a doctor. Some medical causes of tinnitus are reversible and some can be harbingers of serious illness (in rare cases, brain tumours like acoustic neuromas).

So: what does medical science say about the natural history of tinnitus (that is, the common progression of this symptom)?

Natural course

Noise-induced tinnitus can be acute or chronic. Acute tinnitus can last from a few minutes to a … Continue Reading

Tinnitus and Suicide

The topic of tinnitus and suicide is a complex one. I’ve taken a look at some of the information I could find and I think the following points are reasonable:

  • Establishing a causal relationship between cases of tinnitus and suicide is methodologically extremely difficult, and likely impossible. We know that people who are prone to anxiety and depression are more likely to develop tinnitus, we know that tinnitus can precipitate anxiety and depression, and we have cases of individuals who claim to have been driven to suicide over their tinnitus. However, an act of suicide is a complex event with multiple … Continue Reading

AM-101 Tinnitus Results

Some of you may be aware of a new drug in development for the treatment of acute tinnitus acquired due to noise trauma. Noise trauma actually kills inner ear hair cells not via direct physical trauma, but via excitotoxicity from an increase in glutamate neurotransmitters. The AM-101 drug is designed to specifically counteract this process. Results of experiments thus far have provoked qualified interest. I’m paraphrasing here, but the idea seems to be preventing the “centralization” of the recurrent neural feedback loops that are theorized to result in chronic tinnitus by restoring the peripheral input to the ear … Continue Reading

Another Tinnitus Forum

I think some forums can provide a good resource for people who suffer from tinnitus. They can act as a source of information as well as alleviate the sensation of isolation that people with tinnitus suffer. Previously I posted about Tinnitus Talk, which in my opinion, is the best internet forum on the internet. However, some of you may also be interested in checking out some other forums as well.

Here’s a link to the English section of, which has mostly German users. The user interface is a bit old but some people still post on there. You … Continue Reading