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Written by AudioNotch Team on March 02, 2017

Please note: the following information does not constitute professional medical advice, and is provided for general informational purposes only. Please speak to your doctor if you have tinnitus.


What Is Brown Noise?

Brown noise is a type of noise that is used to soothe people. It can also be used to treat tinnitus. Brown noise is sometimes referred to as Braunes Rauschen. Brown noise sounds a lot like white noise. However, the sounds are deeper than white noise. Brown noise sounds a lot like a waterfall or thunderstorm. Many people use a Braunes Rauschen download before they go to sleep.

The term “Brown Noise” was coined by a botanist named Robert Brown. He discovered the brown motion. Robert discovered that a graphic representation of the noise shows a brown pattern.

Benefits of Using Brown Noise

There are many reasons that people choose to use a Braunes Rauschen download. Many people are able to get temporarily relief from tinnitus by using brown noise. People whose tinnitus responds best to low rumbling sounds should use brown noise. Researchers believe that brown noise helps alleviate tinnitus symptoms by making the auditory system less sensitive to sound.

Tinnitus sufferers often have trouble sleeping because of the constant ringing in their ears. Fortunately, people who use brown noise will have an easier time sleeping. The noise helps you relax and clear your mind.

Many people who suffer from migraines also suffer from tinnitus. Brown noise can also be helpful for alleviating migraines. Noise can be a migraine trigger. Because brown noise can cancel out other sounds, it can be effective for treating and preventing migraines.

In order to get the most out of any type of sound therapy, you should use it for at least one hour per day. Most people will notice an improvement after using sound therapy for several days. It is important to note that tinnitus suffers are not the only ones who can benefit from brown noise. Anyone who wants to relax can use brown noise.

People who are trying to study will also benefit from using brown noise. Even though some people like to study in silence, total silence can actually make it more difficult for you to concentrate. On the other hand, you may have an easier time concentrating if you use brown noise.

Braunes Rauschen Download

If you are interested in downloading brown noise, then you should visit our masker here. You will then need to click on the sound that you would like to download and save it. You can even set up an account with Audio Notch.